Adding an extra dimension to the real estate Indore, Dagur Infra has come up with Paris Park. Just as the name spells it out, this property is going to be a plush inclusion among all other real estate projects in Indore. It is being raised near IIM College, Indore and is just a 4 KM drive from Pithampur highway. The township boasts diverse plot sizes and each plot for sale has lucrative offers for the buyers’ convenience. Well facilitated from many perspectives, Paris Park has already got famous much before its launch.

Booking for plots is already open here and the occupancy is fast progressing at this time! For buyers looking to buy a plot or property in Indore got optimistic prospects here as the prices of plots or built up properties at Paris Park are anticipated to significantly rise soon.

Adding an extra dimension to the real estate Indore, Dagur Infra has come up with Paris Park. Just as the name spells it out, this property is going to be a plush inclusion amongst all other real estate projects in Indore. Seen as the most prospective upcoming locality around, this is sure to leave a mark in India’s real estate industry.

Paris Park falls on the most ideal location. Up close near IIM, Indore, approaching to this society is hardly a 4 Km drive from the Pithampur highway on A.B. Road. So a perfect location has been well completed by the presence of Dagur Infra’s. Moreover, buying a property is quite affordable here as the prices, Plot aspirants can choose their requisite property from a large variety of plots – sizes offered are 600, 800, 1000 and 1500 square feet.

Paris Park Indore is another prominent property because of its close vicinity to Pithampur – the national level industrial area. This is located on the Agra-Bombay Road NH3 and is on Indore-Pithampur Highway. With the location being a sure attribute of this property, many Indore real estate giants are optimistically looking at it.


Comprising whole bunch Amities, it has something for every type of buyer:

  • Big Main gate

  • Concrete roads

  • Secured Boundary Wall

  • Water and drainage system

  • Water Tank

  • Light connection

  • 24 hours Security

  • Temple

  • Street light

  • Garden for children playing



We know you want to see diversity because you are unique and got a taste different from others. This is why our architects have a range of floor plans for diverse needs and there is always one that rights suit your budget and preference. Paris Park has special significance from that point of view as you will find some of the most customized floor plans, with each square feet area smartly used. Whether you choose a property in 600 sq. ft. area or go on a wider canvas as 1500 sq. ft, we got plans that are predestined to amaze you. So, while some call them a floor plan, we call it a blueprint to your happiness and contentment.

What is more sensational than having your property at one of the best locales of Indore.  Yes, that is the thought we had when choosing a location for Paris Park. Because of its highly ideal location, you are always going to be at an advantage as a property owner in Paris Park.

It’s just a 4 KM drive from the Pithampur Highway, and the place is just close to IIM College, Indore. Having your property in close vicinity of renowned places is any day a surplus benefit. Come explore the joy city near Indore – it is Paris Park.

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